Lunch/Dinner Menu

The Groggy Frogg offers the BEST Pub Grub in town. From our Award-Winning Chicken Wings, to Michigan Doggs, Homemade Soups, True 10-oz Burgers to our Weekly Specials-they are sure to please even the hungriest of appetites.

Giant Pretzel $6.50
Served with a house made cheese dip or honey mustard
Big Ass Nachos $10.00
Corn chips fried to order with tomatoes, olives, jalapeños, red roasted peppers, cheese and lettuce. Sour cream and salsa on side. Add chicken, Michigan sauce or beef $2.50
Quesadilla $9.50
12’’ flour tortilla stuffed with jalapeño, olives, sautéed peppers and onions and mixed cheese. Lettuce, tomato, salsa and sour cream on the side. Add chicken, beef or shrimp $2.50
Chicken Parmesan $11.50
Philly Steak $11.50
BLT $11.50
Taco Con’Queso Dip $8.50
Melted cheddar cheese, taco meat, salsa and made-to-order chips.
Deep Fried Spuds $7.50
Five crispy potato skins with bacon and cheese. Sour cream on the side. Add Michigan sauce or beef $2.50
Sweet Chili Balls $7.50
Fried meatballs tossed in a sweet chili sauce.
Mozzarella Sticks $6.50
Six mozzarella sticks served with our house made marinara.
Loaded Cheese Fries $7.75
Handcut fries, waffle fries or tater tots topped with cheese and bacon. Add Michigan sauce $2.50
Shrimp Your Way $9.50
1/3 pound of fried or grilled shrimp, tossed in any of our signature wing sauces or dry rubs.
Crispy Avocado Bite $8.00
Served with your choice of Ranch or Chipotle Aioli
Fried Ravioli $6.75
Seven hand-breaded ravioli served with house made marinara.
Fried Pickles $8.00
Pickle slices battered and fried served with chipotle aioli.
Fried Dough $5.50
Served with powdered sugar or our housemade marinara and cheese.
Meatballs $6.50
Side of three meatballs with ricotta, house made marinara and parmesan.

Sandwiches, Wraps & Salads
Chicken or Meatball Parmesan $10.50
Grilled or fried chicken or meatballs. Served on a roll with house made marinara sauce, sautéed peppers, provolone cheese.
Tuna Salad Wrap $9.50
Made to order with lettuce and tomato.
Veggie Wrap $9.50
Mixed sautéed vegetables, made to order with your choice of dressing.
Steak & Cheese Wrap $10.50
Shaved steak, sautéed peppers, mushrooms, onions, American cheese and cheese sauce.
Chicken Wrap $10.00
Grilled or fried, tossed in any of our signature wing sauces or dry rubs with lettuce, tomato and onions.
Buffalo Shrimp Wrap $11.00
Breaded shrimp, lettuce, tomato, shredded cheese and bleu cheese.
Chicken or Beef Fajita Wrap $10.50
Southwest seasoned chicken or beef, sautéed peppers, onions, black olives, mixed cheese, lettuce and fresh pico de gallo. Served with sour cream.
Smokey Mountain Chicke $10.00
Grilled chicken breast topped with barbecue sauce, bacon, mixed cheese and diced tomatoes. Served with your choice of side ($1.00 upgrade for sweet potato fries)
Taco Salad $10.00
Taco bowl made fresh to order. Add beef, chicken or shrimp $2.50
Chicken Salad $10.00
Garden salad topped with grilled or fried chicken, tossed in any of our signature wing sauces or dry rubs.
Cobb Salad $13.00
Grilled chicken, roasted corn, crispy bacon, avocado, cheese, hardboiled egg on top of fresh greens with a housemade avocado ranch dressing.
Chicken Caesar Salad $9.25
Tossed salad of greens, grilled chicken, croutons, grated cheese with classic Caesar dressing.
Meatball Sandwich or Sliders $10.00
Served with your choice of side ($1.00 upgrade for sweet potato fries)
Meatball Salad $9.50
Grilled or fried, tossed in any of our signature wing sauces or dry rubs with lettuce, tomato and onions.
Grilled Cheeese & Soup $8.50
Seasonal. Add bacon $1.00
Available dressings-Zesty Italian, Ranch, House Bleu Cheese, Caesar, Honey Mustard, House Balsamic, Chipotle Aioli

Bullfrog Burgers
Our full-size burgers are 10 ounces of Black Angus beef, handpressed and cooked to order. Served with lettuce and tomato and your choice of side. ($1.00 upgrade to sweet potato fries).
The Classic $13.00
American cheese, bacon, onion, mayo.
Buffalo Bleu Cheese $14.00
Classic mild Buffalo sauce, bacon and bleu cheese.
Heart Buster $14.25
Bacon, mixed cheese, battered onion strings and roasted red peppers.
Backyard BBQ $13.00
Bacon, American cheese, barbecue sauce.
Kitchen Sink $15.00
Michigan sauce, bacon, onion, mushrooms, roasted red peppers, jalapeños, olives, mixed cheese, mayonnaise, barbecue sauce and fried egg.
Mushroom Swiss $13.00
Sautéed mushrooms and Swiss cheese.
Black & Bleu $13.00
Blackened with crumbled, melted bleu cheese and bacon.
BLD (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) $14.25
Bacon, fried egg, mixed cheese and peanut butter.
Burger Salad $13.00
Any of the above served on our garden salad, no bun. No side included.

Build Your Own Tadpole Burgers
Half-size burgers are 1/4 lb. of Angus beef, hand pressed and cooked to order, served with your choice of side. $1.00 upgrade for sweet potato fries. $8.00 • Add a patty for $2.00
Free Toppings
Mayonnaise • Mustard • Ketchup • BBQ Chipotle Aioli • Lettuce • Tomato Pickles • Raw Onion
Premium Toppings
ADD 50¢: Jalapeño • Olives • Mushrooms Sautéed • Roasted Red Peppers • Sautéed Onions
ADD $1.00: American Cheese • Provolone Swiss • Bacon • Fried Egg
ADD $1.50: Michigan Sauce Onion Straws

Hott Doggs
Yummy, grilled-to-perfection hott doggs with Uncle Freddy’s famous Michigan sauce… sounds like a plan to me! Oh yeah, you can dress your doggs any way you’d like. Have some food fun! Meow, meow!
Plain Hott Dogg $6.50
with your choice of side ($1.00 upgrade for sweet potato fries)
Michigan Dog $7.50
with your choice of side ($1.00 upgrade for sweet potato fries)
Two Hott Doggs $8.50
with your choice of side ($1.00 upgrade for sweet potato fries)
Two Michigan Doggs $11.00
with your choice of side ($1.00 upgrade for sweet potato fries)

Hand-Cut Fries, Waffle Fries or Tater Tots $3.75
House Chips $3.75
Hand-Breaded Onion Strings $3.75
Basket of thinly sliced onions with a tasty blend of seasonings.
Sweet Potato Fries or Tater Tots $4.75
Chef’s Choice
Side Salad $3.75

Award Winning Wings

5: $7.50 • 10: $12.00 • 15: $16.25 • 20: $19.50 • 25: $24.00 • 30: $27.50 • 50: $44.50

• Apple BBQ
• FU Hot
• Apple Cajun
• Apple Cajun
• Apple Peanut Butter
• Asian Invasian (Hot, Sweet Chili)
• Bacon Cheddar
• Balled Up (Jack Fire, BBQ)
• BBQ Cheddar
• Bourbon Street (Brown Sugar, Bourbon, Honey, Chipotle)
• Buffalo Bleu
• Buffalo Italian
• Buffalo Sombrero
• Chip It Up! (Chipotle, Honey Mustard, Horseradish)
• Chipotle BBQ
• Chipotle Honey
• Chipotle Honey Horseradish
• Chipotle Horseradish
• Chipotle Horseradish BBQ
• Chocolate Peanut Butter
• FU Hot (Eat with Caution!)
• Garlic Pepper Parmesa
• Half Breed (Sweet Chili, Pesto)
• The Hollywood (Teriyaki, Garlic Pep Parm, Red Chili Pep)
• Honey Cinnamon
• Honey Hot
• Honey Ginger Horseradish
• Honey Mustard
• Honey Mustard Horseradish
• Honey Raspberry Glaze
• Hot
• Hot BBQ
• Hot Mess Express (Sriracha, Pesto, Sweet Chili, Chipotle)
• Hot Todd-E (Hot, Honey Mustard, Horseradish)
• Italian Express (Buffalo and Pesto with Parmesan)
• Jack D BBQ
• Jack D Honey BBQ
• Jalapeño Cheddar
• Loaded Cheese Fry (Cheese Sauce, Bacon, Waffle Fries on Top)
• Maple Bourbon (Maple, Bourbon, Honey, Brown Sugar)
• Mild
• Old Bay Garlic Butter
• PB&J
• PB&J Cap N’Crunch
• N’Crunch with Chocolate Drizzle
• Pineapple Jalapeño
• Sesame Ginger
• Sesame Teryaki
• Spicy Garlic Ginger
• Sweet n’ Smokey
• Spicy Peach Ginger
• Sweet Chili
• Sweet Heat
• Sweet Chili Peanut Butter
• Teryaki
• Teryaki Sweet Chili
• Thai Peanut
• Wasabi Bleu
• Wasabi Peanut
• Wasabi Ranch
• Wasabi Sweet Chili
• Wasabi Yaki (Wasabi, Teryaki)

Dry Rub
• Bold n’ Smokey Chipotle
• Cajun
• Jamaican Jerk
• Lemon Pepper
• Mesquite
• Roasted Garlic & Herb

Hand-Battered Tenders $10.50
Available in any of our award-winning wing sauces. NO SPLITTING WING FLAVORS, UNLESS NAKED. ONE SAUCE INCLUDED, EACH ADDITIONAL SAUCE $1.00